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COVID-19 Update

We are excited to announce that we will be reopening on June 8th

Dear North Shore Orthodontic Family,

Greetings parents and patients. I have looked forward to writing this note to let you know that our office will be opening soon and we are anxious to welcome you.

These last six weeks have been an unprecedented test of endurance, resilience, and sacrifice for every household. As your family committed to "shelter in place", my staff and I thank you for making our families safer through your action. And likewise, the North Shore Orthodontic Team families made the same commitment to your family and our community.

Many of you became educators during these weeks as you coached your children through math, science and homework while you swore a silent oath against geometry. You discovered that "zooming" is not your child flying down the driveway on a bicycle. Instead, they were spinning up virtual classrooms and participating in online projects. Never has a nation so appreciated the teachers who create lesson plans and creative content that keeps kids inspired.

Other parents found themselves working remotely in a corner of the kitchen participating in online meetings and virtual contact with associates as business continued. Whatever the situation, I hope you found time to read a book, enjoy family meals together, play a game, complete a project and be amazed at the strength and resilience of American families.

During our downtime at North Shore Orthodontics, we've never worked so hard. We've participated in educational webinars, collaborated with colleagues, and launched renovations. We've altered our clinic and reception area, and expanded our PPE inventory. We've participated in training by experts in Infection Control, CDC Guidelines, Universal Precautions and Social Distancing.

I initiated these projects to protect you and your family as well as my employees. As you see these changes and experience new protocols/guidelines, I want you to rest assured that we have your family's safety and well-being foremost in mind. I will thank you in advance for your patience with re-scheduling missed appointments, limiting one family member in the reception area, restricting entry to the clinic for non-patients as well as other measures mandated by the American Dental Association and the Center for Disease Control.

You will also appreciate that my staff and I are now able to offer certain Teledentistry services by way of virtual appointments. If you choose to participate, this will allow us to offer virtual appointments such as a preliminary exam/consultation, review progress with aligners, retainer checks, evaluate growth and tooth eruption on young observation patients, or assess appliance breakage - all from the convenience of your home without driving to our office.

As we continue our readiness preparation, we have other projects in the wings. They won't delay our opening. In the meantime, our team will look forward to your call to re-schedule an appointment or answer questions. We will proudly re-open June 8th.

Your confidence and trust is greatly appreciated. We celebrate America going back to work!


Dr. Craig and the North Shore Team

It's A New Normal

What to Do Before you arrive

  • Brush your teeth at home
    Our tooth brushing station is currently closed to eliminate transfer of bacteria or viruses.
  • Wear a mask to your appointment.
  • Do not drink anything cold or hot before you arrive. We will be checking your temperature with a forehead scanner to determine if you have a fever of 100.4 or greater. If you should feel poorly or have a temperature, we will reschedule your appointment.

Arrival Protocol

  • Call our office at 631.265.3435 and let us know that you have arrived. Stay in your car.
  • We will record your mobile number and call you when we are ready for you or your child's appointment.
  • Any patient or accompanying parent must wear a mask into the office
  • When we call you waiting in your car to come into the office, please enter office and wait at our Entry Triage Station where we will record patient temperature and provide hand sanitizer. After triage, we will direct the patient into the clinic for their scheduled appointment.
  • We ask that the patient's older than 12 proceed to the clinic unaccompanied by family members except under special circumstances. If the patient must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, we ask that it be one.

** Note: We ask that parent remain in the car to minimize the number of people in the office. This will assist us in meeting our social distancing and infection control requirements. Should a parent accompany child into the office, temperature and health questions will be asked as with the patient. We've always loved inviting parents into the clinic, however parents cannot enter the clinic until further restrictions are lifted. Parent would be directed into one of our 6 designated seating areas in the reception room.

Dismissal from Appointment

  • The scheduled procedure will be performed
  • Your orthodontic technician will share information about today's appointment with our front desk person to update the parent. Dr. Smith will be glad to Facetime or Skype with you.
  • Our orthodontic technician will escort the patient to the Scheduling team where they will make the next appointment. Upon receipt, we will ask parent to call the office if the time chosen is not convenient. Please share your appointment time preference with your child so we can serve you with the correct appointment.
  • We will call when your loved one is headed back to you.


North Shore Orthodontics opened more than 40 years ago offering quality orthodontic treatments to children, teens and adults in the Smithtown, New York community and surrounding areas. Dr. Craig Smith continues this tradition of excellence in orthodontic care for his patients. Dr. Smith and his professional staff always go the extra mile to make sure each patient receives orthodontic treatment specific to their needs.

Call us to set up a complimentary consultation! We will perform a comprehensive oral exam to determine which treatment best fits your needs and lifestyle. We want you to be fully informed of all of your options before beginning treatment. Because we believe orthodontic care should be affordable, we offer interest free, no money down payment options.  

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